Monday, April 7, 2008


(To the Protesters-From a Soldier's
Point of View)

   Each day we go to work, we are in a
foreign land. We know what the risks
were when we signed our names on
the dotted line and shook their hand.

   You say you want to support us, but
when push comes to shove; all you end
up doing is standing and waving a sign

   We know you mean well, as we are
your sons, daughters, mothers, fathers,
brothers, sisters, and friends. I have but
one simple question to ask.. 
"If not us, then who? You!"

   We are the ones who chose to step up
to the plate to take the case. You who are
at home can chase your dreams. In our dreams,
we are the ones being chased. Desperately wanting
it all to just be erased.

   So I ask you once again, "If not us, then who? 
You!" We sleep in foxholes, you sleep in your cozy
bed. You worry about what to do next, we worry
about saving our necks.

   Anytime you want to trade places, come on
ahead. You can sleep in my foxhole and I'll sleep
in your bed. What! You said, "Hell No!" Well, you
see someone has to defend our country and do
whatever it takes. If you don't want me to go,
then answer me this; "If not me, then who?

Written By,
Claysong (C)
Desert Storm Veteran