Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Battle Scarred Heart

A wounded and scarred heart slowly leaking
what life, love, dignity, and humanity I have left
in me is barely beating.

Deeply pierced by scattered shrapnel
from life's challenges and wars is its injury.
A heart can only take so much pain and pressure,
sorrow and suffering, guilt and grief before it bursts.

I am seeking to remove the shrapnel and recover
from a life of negativity and old shame. Trapped
by my own criticizing and sometimes paralyzed
by my fear of disappointing those I love and
those who I thought loved me.

It's going to take the rest of my life to recouperate
and slowly take the pieces out one by one. To bravely
bury them where they belong; in the past.

I am learning to live and forgive, to love and hug,
to cope and hope; but most of all to move onward
and upward.

Realizing there will be a few battles won quickly,
and some moderately but never forgetting the ones
I've won thus far.

For no matter how much shrapnel you remove
from any heart, there will always be scars.

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