Saturday, August 27, 2011


[L]etting go of selfishness
[O]pens doors and breaks barriers
[V]anquishing doubt lets you
[E]xpress and absorb security in each other

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[H]old on to your Faith
[O]utwit the devil
[L]eave him to wallow in his own mess
[D]eepen your steadfastness in Christ

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


[H]appiness comes when you
[E]arnestly give to others without
[A]sking for anything in return
[R]ealizing the
[T]ruest gift is ones' self

Written By,
Claysong (C)


[L]earning to lean on God
[A]gainst all odds when
[B]attles arise at the worst times
[E]specially when you're tired
[L]eaves room for the devil to
[S]neak in and attack

Written By,
Claysong (C)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


[C]hrists' followers
[H]umbly gather
[U]niversally to
[R]ely on God as we
[C]onstantly seek

Written By,
Claysong (C)

Monday, August 22, 2011


[K]eeping God first
[I]nvolves changing your priorities
[N]eedless of what anyone else says
[D]epending on Him through all

Written By,
Claysong (C)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Talking with God

(I had a little talk with God and
this is how it went) (long but worth it)

Me- Lord, sometimes I get caught
up in this old world and I feel
like a deck of cards being shuffled.
Sometimes I don't know what to

God-Yes, my child, I know the
world can be confusing and
stressful at times. I'm glad
you found the door I gave
you to find me so we could

Me-Lord, sometimes I can't
remember where I am going
but I always know you're with
me and I never feel completely

God-Yes, I know the pathways
you travel. When I see you getting
off the main road, I place red flags
along your way to lead you back to
me. When you have too much going
on, you don't get my messages right
away. I know when you can pull your-
self away from what is going on, then
my messages come in loud and clear
and you're back to where I want you
to be.

Me-Lord I want to thank you for all
you've done for me. Thank you for
not giving up on me when the rest of
the world left me to find my own way.
Lord, I want to thank you for choosing
me to be a soldier in your Army.
Sometimes the things are hard but I
will never quit.

God-I want to tell you that I love you
and I am proud of you for what you have
achieved. Yes, some of the jobs I give you
are hard or will be hard;but in the end, if
you keep your Faith in me, it will be worth
it. If things are always easy, you wouldn't
learn from mistakes.

Me-Lord, all I want to do is, what you ask
or tell me to do. I want to please you and I
just hope I am doing it the right way. I know
I'm not going to please everybody but you're
the only one that really matters.

God-Yes, I know that you want to help and
encourage others. Know this, if I wasn't
pleased about how you are doing what I asked
or told you to do; you will know because I will
tell you, that is if you hear me. I love the way
you are caring and thoughtful to others, but
but please don't forget about you. Sometimes
you have to take care of you the way you take
care about them. I know you aren't a selfish
person and I love that about you, but you can't
help anybody else if you run yourself in the
ground. Love yourself as I love you, accept
yourself as I accept you. Forgive yourself,
as I forgive you. Continue to help and guide
all those who wish to know me and be with
me. Let my love shine through you so they
too can bask in my love, faithfulness, and
grace. One day you will be with me and you
will hear, "Well done, my good and faithful

Me-Yes Lord, Thank you for your loving
and uplifting words. Thank you for our
talk, I feel refreshed.

God-You're welcome, remember that
you don't have to be anywhere special
for us to talk, I am always ready to listen.
I know when you need me, I know when
you're sad; I know it all because I made you
out of love. Remember me in all you do.

Written By,
Claysong (C) ( I hope this will help you like it did me)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heartbeat(Christian song)

[This came out as a upbeat song hope you like it]

Vs1-Lord, I wanna thank ya~for whatcha doin' with me
don't know what I'd do without cha~'cause it's you I need

(Chorus 2x)
Lord I love the way you move in me~
love the way you're using me~ If I had
to choose you all over again~ I would
in a heartbeat

Vs2-Lord my heart beats for ya~
it's amazing whatcha doin' in me
Thank you for the gift you gave me
'cause Love is what we need

(Back to chorus 2x then ending)
end-Yes I'd choose you in a heartbeat
Thank you for my heart____beat
Thank You Jesus!

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