Saturday, March 22, 2008


(What every Veteran never speaks
 but represents)

While you were home, I was gone. 
Your Freedom is my sacrifice.
While you were protesting, 
I was protecting Your 
Freedom is my sacrifice.
While you were sleeping, 
I was guarding 
Your Freedom is my sacrifice.
While you were praying, I was dying. 
Your Freedom WAS my sacrifice.

Written By, 


(For all those who are getting married, 
or renewing their vows) 

Your love captured my heart, something that 
was abloom right from the start. You were gifted 
to me from above, an answered prayer that fits like 
a glove.

Affectionate, affirmative, and artistic,

you are truly authentic.

I may be bashful and bewildered at times, 
but you 

bring out the best in me. 

I feel beautiful and beloved

at all times.

Your compassionate, considerate, and constructive.
Your smile and laughter is contagious.

You are encouraging, faithful, grateful, humble
and inspiring. I would be honored to wear your

I'll be by your side from now until the very end.
Here and now is where we begin.

Written By,
Claysong (C)


(To all those seeking to Thank their Moms
 for just being...MOM)

MOM, come high, come low; you've never
 left me alone. Mom- Mother of all Mothers; 
you amaze me how you just know what I do no
matter how hard I try. 

You deserve so much more than I could ever give.
 You've been there each night and day
and helped me along the way.

You've put yourself below us all making us 
most important of all. I want to tell you, 
"Thank You"for being YOU.

Believe it or not; Home is where my heart is,
and do believe it's true. My heart is always
with you. I Love YOU!

Written By, 


A secret life I'm led to lead,
as my heart it tends to constantly 

Searching endlessly for some kind 
of patch to place over the chunks 
that were snatched. 

Who then should I try to be today? 
Who shall I let lead the way? 
Is it the child that desperately seeking 
acceptance, or the woman who acts like 
she's complacent. 

When I appear in front of others, 
I place upon my mask so nobody 
knows or bothers to ask.

 I once was a bright and happy being,
 now the inside feels like a monstrous thing. 
My life reveals one full of hate, anger, and pain.

At times I feel I have nothing left to gain so 
I stay standing in the rain. I have no idea on how 
to just let it all fall into the drain. 

GOD knows how hard I try to get by, but all the
 while steadily inside I continue to cry. 
Sometimes I wish I could just jump up and fly.
Fly away and take it all away and just start fresh 
in just one day. I'm tired, tired of this secret life 
that others have ferociously thrown me into. 

I know deep down inside I am somehow fertile,
 creative, and funny. I must release this part of 
me so one day I can truly be completely and totally 
free to be...The real Me. 

Written By, 


Some People come and stay forever,  
Some come and vanish like a vapor.
Someone who'll lend their ears,   
Someone who'll help calm your fears
Someone who'll wipe away your tears,
Someone who'll be there through the years.

Can you be the one to lend your ears,
to help calm their fears and wipe away 
their tears through the years? 

Don't be the kind of friend that vanishes 
like a vapor, be the kind that stays Forever!

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Friday, March 14, 2008


(This came out like a song) 

VS I -
Comein' up from where I've been,
soakin' up things from now and then. 
Times come and go like playin'a game,
no matter what Jesus is always the same. 


I'm like a fish outta water, graspin' for air; 
feelin' the sun on my skin, Jesus refreshes me
from within. Like the spring that flows, so does 
the peace he brings and it makes me sing! 

 Spreadin' myself thin for everyone but me, 
it's takin' a toll but no one can see. Lord help 
me please! As he guides me along my way, 
I am grateful for his loving grace. 
When I tend to feel alone, I think of Jesus
on his throne and ...(Back to Chorus) 

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008



These are the people to whom we look
up to in life to give us positive encouragement
as well as attention, wisdom, and care.

Those who give us ideas, intellect, and curiosity
to chase our dreams. Dreams of someday being 
someone who can make a difference in their lives, 
and the lives of others.

Knowing that you will always have someone 
in your corner no matter what the situation is.
Someone to teach respect, truthfulness,
acceptance, and in-discrimination. 

Someone to teach our children
to believe in themselves and allow them
to be creative,imaginative, and to discover 
the "World". Meaning that they become 
flexible to learn about other cultures and their

Learning to reach deep into our hearts and bring
out the depth of our sane similarity inner selves.
Acknowledging that inferiority, superiority, and 
inequality should not exist.

As a family, we need to teach our children that 
violence is not the answer when someone has a 
different opinion. Always referring back to the 
"Golden Rule"-Do unto others as you would have 
them do unto you.

Teaching each other what to look for in life;
continual stability, productiveness, certainty,
support, and direction.

Written By,

Running With the Wind

I'm running and running and where I'll end up I don't know.

Running against time, wondering if I'm going to make it.
Running with the wind to find it's only a small breeze of fresh air
that smells like freshly cut grass on a hot summer day.

I'm running and running and who I'll look to help me,
I don't know. At the moment I have nowhere to go.
No one to look up to but someday I'll find someone
to help with what I need.

Right now I'm waiting for the Lord to show me the way.
So, right now I'm just running, running with the wind.

Written By, Claysong

Empty Shells

As I walk along the seashore of life,
I find many empty shells. I see shells
that once had a beautiful life full of joy,
as they slowly walk the Earth. The shells
do sometimes, quite often reflect our own

We walk along the shores and wish
things had ever changed. For those of us,
whose shells are full of joy and peace, we
gladly walk along life's seashore spreading
our love and humbleness. 

We spread it to those whose shells are empty. 
Because they don't have the wind of life flowing
through them, we want to let them know
that the Lord is always the second set of
footprints in the sand. Then, when there is
just one, it is HIM that is carrying them over
their troubles. 

These empty shells that we look
upon must have life so that they can spread the
joy of life with the Lord. Without the Lord in your
life, you could end up being just another... Empty shell. 

Written By,


I am caught within loves whirlwind as it
often makes me feel like a kid again. 
Absorbed by an extravagance of acclamation.

Craving and yearning for a natural high that
will never end as I leave lost loves in the wind. 
Embracing a lovers touch, I feel a unfeigned bliss
that billows through every inch of my very existence. 

Compelled to breakthrough the boundaries of the old
me that once was bruised and shattered from another. 
No longer shall I brood upon that calamity. Coerced by
cupids arrow, I feel like I'm being drawn into a whirlwind 
that effortlessly brings out the inner desires of my heart and
mind. Sustaining what GOD always wanted us to have, a life
full of love that will never be doubtful,disrespectful, dismal, or

Written By, 


(This is for those who have loved
 ones overseas.)

It is NEVER just a goodbye even when

we die. We live our lives from day to day,
holding on as we pray. As we leave our 
loved ones, to them we must cater, it is 
never just a goodbye but a mere, 
"see you later"!

To our beloved we must cling, as we 

understand what sacrifices they must bring. 
Our country they must protect, as we never 
want to hear, "their things you must collect'.

Always wanting to just say, 

"Have a good day!" Thinking to ourselves,
"Please, come back my way!" 
Praying each day, "Lord, Give me strength 
and grace as they travel from place to place." 
Then when we speak again, to remember that 
goodbye is not just a goodbye but a mere, 
"see you later".

Written By,



What say you about how this world is ran? 
Is it according to the Master's plan? 

People lying, stealing, killing 
over those who are unwilling. 

Some who love to hate and 
those who hate to love. 

Easier to do wrong instead of right,
stand up and fight for your rights. 
"Stop the fighting" is their plea, some say, 
" I will, but only for a fee!" 

Taking from one man to put in another's
 pocket, while the other has to hock the locket. 

If you love your Freedom and all it's hopes, 
you better learn to vote.

 Written By, 
Claysong (C)