Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Empty Shells

As I walk along the seashore of life,
I find many empty shells. I see shells
that once had a beautiful life full of joy,
as they slowly walk the Earth. The shells
do sometimes, quite often reflect our own

We walk along the shores and wish
things had ever changed. For those of us,
whose shells are full of joy and peace, we
gladly walk along life's seashore spreading
our love and humbleness. 

We spread it to those whose shells are empty. 
Because they don't have the wind of life flowing
through them, we want to let them know
that the Lord is always the second set of
footprints in the sand. Then, when there is
just one, it is HIM that is carrying them over
their troubles. 

These empty shells that we look
upon must have life so that they can spread the
joy of life with the Lord. Without the Lord in your
life, you could end up being just another... Empty shell. 

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