Wednesday, March 12, 2008


(This is for those who have loved
 ones overseas.)

It is NEVER just a goodbye even when

we die. We live our lives from day to day,
holding on as we pray. As we leave our 
loved ones, to them we must cater, it is 
never just a goodbye but a mere, 
"see you later"!

To our beloved we must cling, as we 

understand what sacrifices they must bring. 
Our country they must protect, as we never 
want to hear, "their things you must collect'.

Always wanting to just say, 

"Have a good day!" Thinking to ourselves,
"Please, come back my way!" 
Praying each day, "Lord, Give me strength 
and grace as they travel from place to place." 
Then when we speak again, to remember that 
goodbye is not just a goodbye but a mere, 
"see you later".

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