Wednesday, March 12, 2008



These are the people to whom we look
up to in life to give us positive encouragement
as well as attention, wisdom, and care.

Those who give us ideas, intellect, and curiosity
to chase our dreams. Dreams of someday being 
someone who can make a difference in their lives, 
and the lives of others.

Knowing that you will always have someone 
in your corner no matter what the situation is.
Someone to teach respect, truthfulness,
acceptance, and in-discrimination. 

Someone to teach our children
to believe in themselves and allow them
to be creative,imaginative, and to discover 
the "World". Meaning that they become 
flexible to learn about other cultures and their

Learning to reach deep into our hearts and bring
out the depth of our sane similarity inner selves.
Acknowledging that inferiority, superiority, and 
inequality should not exist.

As a family, we need to teach our children that 
violence is not the answer when someone has a 
different opinion. Always referring back to the 
"Golden Rule"-Do unto others as you would have 
them do unto you.

Teaching each other what to look for in life;
continual stability, productiveness, certainty,
support, and direction.

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