Saturday, March 22, 2008


A secret life I'm led to lead,
as my heart it tends to constantly 

Searching endlessly for some kind 
of patch to place over the chunks 
that were snatched. 

Who then should I try to be today? 
Who shall I let lead the way? 
Is it the child that desperately seeking 
acceptance, or the woman who acts like 
she's complacent. 

When I appear in front of others, 
I place upon my mask so nobody 
knows or bothers to ask.

 I once was a bright and happy being,
 now the inside feels like a monstrous thing. 
My life reveals one full of hate, anger, and pain.

At times I feel I have nothing left to gain so 
I stay standing in the rain. I have no idea on how 
to just let it all fall into the drain. 

GOD knows how hard I try to get by, but all the
 while steadily inside I continue to cry. 
Sometimes I wish I could just jump up and fly.
Fly away and take it all away and just start fresh 
in just one day. I'm tired, tired of this secret life 
that others have ferociously thrown me into. 

I know deep down inside I am somehow fertile,
 creative, and funny. I must release this part of 
me so one day I can truly be completely and totally 
free to be...The real Me. 

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