Saturday, April 30, 2011

Odyssey of James

    Removing himself from under the dirty Army truck, James
emerged tall, lean, and muscular. As he walked away from
the hefty five ton vehicle, he had a swagger that was cool but
not conceited or arrogant.," I don't know how these trucks
keep getting so dirty." He rolled his eyes, "All it is doing is
raining." When it was monsoon season, we all really hated it.

    Who would have known that a Hawaiian paradise could
be cursed with such a violent seasonal downpour? At the end
of the day, he smelled of grease, diesel, sweat, and dirt like the
rest of us. Before work, you would always see him in his regulation
winter green fatigues all perfectly starched and creased. His black
boots were so shiny that you could see your face in them.

    No matter what job needed to be done, he was not the type to
 procrastinate. He always found a way to help unless he was gone
from the motor-pool on another commitment. He was one of the
few guys that actually could be a friend with no strings attached.
Most other guys had always tried inappropriate touching with all
the female drivers.

   If James saw that you were sad, he would walk up and sweet
talk you into a smile but never crossed the line. He was six foot
four, his eyes were a copper brown that blended perfectly with his
smooth caramel skin. He was light on his feet and always seemed to
have a rhythm in his head as he hummed along his way. Like the rest of us,
he loved to travel. We never knew where or when we were going
to leave, but he always made sure to bring his jazz tunes.

   He always strived for the best. He was never condescending to
others but barely getting by in anything he did would never be good
enough. I'd say the most loving thing he ever did, was when he was in
the Persian Gulf War. Many gave their lives, and it was their ultimate
sacrifice for us;but what he did for me was so sentimental that I'll never
forget him.

   James and I followed each other from Ft. Dix to Saudi Arabia until
we got separated into different companies. The air was smoky with the
all oil fires going on around us. Before he left, he lovingly grabbed me
and gently held me close as a tear rolled down his puffy cheek,
"I know you miss your baby boy. Do me a favor and stick with the
brother's, they will keep you safe and get you back to your son.
We came here together, and we will return home together. That was the
very last time I heard his voice or saw his friendly face. He gave his life for
his country.
                                The End

Written By,
Claysong Harris(c)
Dedicated to James,
I miss you man.

Story-Summer Daze-

 On a beautiful warm sunny day in the Southwest,
in Phoenix, it was two-thirty in the afternoon.
While sitting in the park with a view of Cave Creek and
Bell, I sat and just car gazed; like people sit at a bench
and people gaze as they pass by. As each car strolled
across the road, you could hear the booming of car stereos.

    Screaming and singing as they slowly rolled to a stop a a
 red light. The first car to approach was a Toyota Corolla saying,
 "Ooh baby baby."Then a Nissan Sentra said back,
"Whoop There it is!" Then all of a sudden a Chevy Trailblazer
 rolled up and screamed, "Push it, push it real good."

When the green light turned, all you could hear above everyone
else was, "It takes two to make things go right" from a Shelby Cobra.
 Right after that a Chevy Impala yelled,"Your a heart breaker, dream
taker, don't mess around with me!" The last car to go through the light
was an old 1964 orange Ford Ranchero who said with no reservation,
"Git R done!"

As the hours passed, nobody realized what time it was until
they saw the town clock glow a bright eight-thirty in the evening.
A click of cars headed down towards the racing drag arena in
Apache Junction. There were Mercedes Benz, Ford Mustangs,
Dodge Chargers, Studebakers, Ford Falcons, Dodge Coronet Bees,
Chevy SS Camaros, Olds-mobiles
and Low-Riders.

    All the Low-Riders were tricked out so that no matter what style
or color you liked it would suit anybody's taste.  As the music played,
everyone was jamming and bouncing. All the hot rods raced and the
low-riders danced; they hopped to see who could hop the longest and
the highest without breaking anything. The crowd was singing and dancing,
as the party continued to jam to "When you're hot you're hot!" 

The 1959 Chevy Belaire yelled,"Ai Carumba, Let's do the Lambada";
as the crowd started to dance the Macarena. As the evening grew darker
and later, the music went from the party time to make it's roll into the ten
o'clock slow love jams.The music wasn't too loud, but you could still hear
the swoon of a burgandy Lincoln Continential ring out, "Never can say
Goodbye." Then as swiftly as if to answer back, you heard an Infinity
I-30 tell his lover,"I'll be there".

    The crowd of romantic cars just decided to make their plea with their
own song to go out to their lovers as they edited it themselves without a
pause or a stagger. A Chevy Chevelle swept in with, "If loving you is
wrong, I don't wanna be right"; then a El-Camino said,"You'll never
find another love like mine". Next a Lincoln Town car sang out, "Here
and now", then just like clock work you could hear a Ford Bronco sweetly
say,"Baby come to me". Then to finish the serenade, was a porche with,
"Let's get it on!"

    To my surprise, there was a response that nobody expected. A Cadillac
Escalade sang out,"Secret Lovers"; then a Kia Sportage added, "If you
don't know me by now". Next a Volkswagen Bus rang out, "That's the
 way I feel about cha", then a 1957 Dodge sang,"It's you that I need!"
Nobody knew where she came from, but the song sure fit just like a glove.
A Civic Honda slipped in with,"Close the door", then a Dodge Caravan
smiled and said,"It's too late to turn back now". Then as sweet and sexy
as the moment was, a Monte Carlo softly said,"Turn off the lights".
To end the return serenade was a Corvette that shyly sang out,"I'll make
love to you, if you want me to". Then out of the blue a Mazda XR7 said,
"Whoa, that's a Love T.K.O".

    So, these Summer days turn into a daze, seems like nothing ever
changes. Then you wake up and face the next day and try to figure out
what your going to do to keep your mind off the heat. It had been a week
before we even saw a trickle of rain. The days get so hot, just looking
across the way can make you think you see something when it is just a
mirage.  A huge flaring waterfall that doesn't flood the street, helped too
take the edge off a scorching one hundred degree day. Every day is
different, the songs and cars change like one huge CD changer.
You can hear anything from 'Hot blooded, Heartache tonight, Hotel
California, Pour some sugar on me, and R.O.C.K in the U.S.A.

    Every now and then you can catch some of the old school stuff like
Good golly miss Molly, Louie Louie, The Twist, Wooly Bully,
and This Diamond Ring. Then there are days you hear some of the
southern rock and country like, Sweet Home Alabama, what's
your name, and The Ride. Some days, the music just takes you
back to the yester years. when time really didn't matter, those days you
look forward to. You sleep all day to work off the party from the night
before. Then you got up early evening to start planning the next party
and who's house it is going to be at. Sometimes I wish those days never
ended. If the right house wasn't available, we'd all pile into a car and
head to the club.

    Now a days, the only escape you can afford, is to take a trip through
memory land where it doesn't cost you a thing. When was the last day
you sat back and traveled to the time when you would have that special
song stuck in your head? You know what I mean; the one that made you
happy no matter what was going on. Those days are gone now, and so
the Summer ends up being just...a Summer daze.

Written By,
Claysong Harris (C)
(This was written for a Writer's test)


Monday, April 25, 2011

We Believe

I have faith as small as a mustard seed;
All I have to say is,"Yes, Lord I believe."

When the tests began, they said,
"Yes, I believe in the Greater I am."

When times are hard or good, people say
they're misunderstood.They sing to the heavens
that, "we trust, accept, live and love
because of your blood.  We Believe

Written By,
Claysong, Harris (C)

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Your lips upon mine are like
strawberries and wine.

They are soft, supple,
 and perfect every time.

Written By,
Claysong Harris (C)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


As sleep eludes me for 48 hours, it's as if my mind has disassociated
from my body. Trying to concentrate is like pulling a tooth with a pair
of pliers.

Computer buzzing, papers to be written, books to read.

Slowly and  quietly my eyes begin to criss-cross over each other as my body
starts twitching to shut down. My bed beckons me to me like two lost lovers.
Good night all!

Written By,
Claysong Harris (C)  

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mama's Lil' Man

Lil' man is always what you'll be called because
your mama's most precious one of all. As I wonder
and worry from day to day, although I shouldn't, I
know that your okay.

While I've been gone to fight the war of the worlds,
you've grown to be a lil' man, what I've always wanted
you to be. When the years pass down in history, you'll
learn that Mama was there to fight for your health and

Soon, mama will be home to hold and hug you and never
 let you go again. I shall do whatever it takes to give you
what you need and more if I can. My lil' man, mama loves
you with all her might; I hope our relationship will always be
tight. For you will always be...Mama's Lil' Man.

Written By
Claysong Harris,(C)
(Written while I was in Desert Storm I)

Whispered Promise

Remember the nights we'd whisper sweet
nothings in each other's ear? You'd whisper
you would forever hold me.The promise of
our true love for eternity.

Thank You for whispering me that promise,
 because now I know every now and then a
 promise can be kept.

Written By,
Claysong Harris (C)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Family Acrostics

Here are two different way you can break the word Family down.


Written By,
Claysong Harris(C)

Nursery Rhymes of times

Since times have changed, I have put a 
twist on three nursery rhymes.

From Pussy cat, pussy cat where have
you been? To- Pussy cat, Pussy cat what
haven't you had?

From Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse 
ran up the clock, To Hickory Dickory Doc,
how fast can I run from the cop?

From Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall To 
Humpty Dumpty had alot of crack.
Humpty's friend had him whacked.

 I hate to see if today's society 
will get any worse.

Written By,
Claysong Harris (C)

The Heart Harp

When you pluck upon the strings of a heart,
they can either push you back together or
pull you apart.

Depending on the rip, whether it is on the edge
or across the seam; at times life and love makes
you want to scream!

When you feel like your being a puppet,
playing according to life's rules, periodically
you have to break them and say, " I have had enough of it!"

Our strings get loosened quite often. every once in a while
 you have to retighten them. If you don't, your harp can't 
play the sweet melodies lingering in your heart.

Written By,
Claysong Harris, (C)

In Heaven:

In Heaven...

God does reign, our prayers ring and Angels sing.
The streets are gold, our loved ones go, our thanks flow.
I want to be, am filled with glee, I will be free.

Written By,
Claysong Harris (C)

Hope and Love

Hope Is...

Pleading, seeking,
 meeting, greeting.

Love is...

Teasing, pleasing,
 kind, blind, finding,
 binding,divine, MINE.

Written By,
Claysong (C)

Passion For U

Seeing you, feeling you, touching you,
 I have pure passion for you.
My heart flutters, my body shivers,
 my hand quivers.

I have...

N-Noxious and Nasty

Written By,
Claysong Harris (C)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Unchain my Heart

Lord, Unchain my heart
and let the fire burn the
pain and heartache. Take
the chains away from
my heart and off my mind.

Let your love warm me so that
my heart never hardens or becomes
cold. Let you that is in me shine for
all to see.

Give me the strength to tear down the
walls I put up from others so long ago.
Let the bricks be crushed, so when hard
times come about they can't be pieced back
together. Give me the peace of mind to let
things go and not take them back when I give
them to you. Guide and keep my soul wrapped
in your arms forever.

Written By,
Claysong Harris (C)

Fuel to My Fire

Something deep within me is the 
fuel to my fire of my motivation 
and in life. When you lose it, it is 
like losing your mojo to hide 
behind a mask and everybody knows 
your pain. 

No matter how much you smile and 
laugh, they can see right through you
like they are looking into a glass house. 

That feeling will make you want to catch
the first train. Seems all you want to do is 
either continuously stand in the rain so people
can't tell when your crying; or you bottle it all
up and just simmer and then one day your 
pressure cooker bursts. 

Then one day you say, " Lord! Please help me, 
I can't take on these worldly hurts!" Please, 
I don't want anymore tests! I know I've passed 
alot and some I thought I never could or even 
But, I only made it because of you. Lord! I need 
your love to fuel my fire. Don't you know I'm 
always tired? I need you and those you place in
my life to help me see beyond my own face. 

I need your help to run this worldly race and I need 
lots of your Grace. 

Written By, 
Claysong Harris (C)