Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Child's Innocence

Precious in a parents' eyes, precious in a grandparents eyes
is the innocence and love of a child.

His or hers to give, live, and achieve the love, acceptance,
and time we all need to succeed.

As they grow, life can be challenging and cruel. It's up to us
to reach, teach, support, and believe in them as we rule.

Learning to live, give, laugh, and love is their life's degree;
the world is their constant University. Through it all,
there must be unity and diversity for them all.

Written By,
Claysong (C)

Unforgetable Impact

Unforgetable, that's what the memories are;
unforgetable though I'm far away it feels like they are near.

Like a memory of horror that clings to me; how the very
thought of it creates unthinkable dreams for me.

Never before in my life has something been more
unbelievably unforgetable.

Each and every night, that's how they stay with me,
that's why it's incredible. I can't seem to forget the
memories, they're just unforgetable.

It's impossible to just tell the dreams to leave my mind,
it's impossible sometimes to keep me from crying.
It's impossible, to tell my soul it was back then; it's unforgetable
no matter how hard I try.

The feelings of regret and guilt are impossible to forget;
for evermore I want a day to just be normal but I guess
I'm asking for too much.

Tomorrow if I could just get rid of the pain, I would
trade it all and never look back. Not a moment would
I want anyone to carry what I do; that's why I never say
anything, but it seems unforgetably impossible.

Written By,
Claysong (C)