Thursday, June 30, 2016

HOPE(Opposing poem to FEAR)

I am Hope.

I am the inspiration that lingers in hearts throughout life.
Unseen to the naked eye, but through the windows of the soul.

I am sister to Love, cousin to Courage, and daughter to Faith.
The spark that creates motivation and prevents the enemy from
dousing ambitions.

Rising from adversity is my path plan to all. Dreams being inspired
and achieved with moving forward to put Fear, Despair, Doubt,
and Worry to rest. I have been around for centuries, whether
I am needed or not I am near by.Whenever you need a pick-me-up,
I can remind you of your accomplishments of any size.

I am not biased or discriminatory of anyone who seeks or needs me.
I do not belong to just one. I listen with an open mind to all
situations, am near for support in any decision that's made, I give
strength where one is weary and confidence where there is low-self

I am constant where Fear comes and goes.
Here is my wish for you, that each day you strive to become open
to more positivity with things amidst struggles. Find the good in
others and build them up as others have built you up for success in life.

Yours Truly,


Written By,
Deborah Forbes
June 23, 2016

Thursday, May 7, 2015


   The wounds of a soldier/veteran whether mental or physical, pain knows no bounds.
They hurt, hinder and know no age, race or gender.

They run deep through the soul like a bullet stuck
in the heart; they play with your emotions and no
one knows when or where these wounds will

attack.It is as if they are hidden snares launched
in the air.

 There comes a time the wounds need to heal and

remain where they were created or experienced,
in the past. It doesn't mean they are forgotten,
just contained, controlled, and archived.
No matter the wounds, life can still be lived.

Written By,
Deborah Forbes(C)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tis the Time

Christmas is the time of year to celebrate
with family and friends both far and near.

With the sounds of silence up and down
the streets, all you really hear are the
songs of peace.

The lights are gleaming and glowing to
and fro, up and down the street as you go,
lighting up the town to see if Santa Claus
can really be found.

Since the time is near and here, and you're
there and I am here, I happily send the cheer
of Christmas and the New Year.

Merry Christmas to you all my dears.

Written by,

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Power to Hold

Reflections of the past mirrors the present status and attitudes in life.
They should be enough to motivate me to decide whether I want to
be stagnant or to grow.

I am choosing to not be the victim but the victor despite how hard
people tried to break me. I'm striving to choose to leave the past
where it belongs and keep the power for myself.

The school of Life and Hard Knocks are the hardest ones to learn
from, but they are the best teachers; that is if you learned your lessons.

The power of my past needs to be archived files only I can visit when
I need to. I need to be able to do that without going into a depressive

I finally want the control, I am taking back the control!

Written By,

Peeling the Layers

Trying to shed our old selves to become new, we chisel away
 layers of our past unstable inner selves.

As we begin, it leaves us scraped, cut, and bruised. Not knowing
where to turn next, we become trapped by nothingness striving
to pass the world's tests.

Constantly seeking treasure that's seemingly unfindable, sparkling
in the distance, the jewel teases like a nasty disease. Once you
find it, you can't grab it.

Drifting between real life and a video game, we go through life
collecting points. Immortality and goods we scramble to buy.

Characters become reality when people get addictive and vindictive.
Looking from within, you realize your friends are not who you once knew.

Revealing the layers, they are raw and conspicious, sometimes
you have to take life by the corner; peeling problems one at a time.

Life can be cruel sometimes, but we have to learn to pick our battles.

When we have fought the fight, somehow the overall lesson ends up
being positives nobody expected.

May you find the strength within you to step forward
and start peeling your layers.

Written By,
Claysong (C)

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Thorn

The time has come for us to move on, 
for if we keep looking back we will always ask, 
"what went wrong?"
You placed a thorn in my side
the day you decided to lie. 
Damn your selfish pride, 
you allowed it to become alive.
Although none are perfect and all have faults;
lying and using are ones I simply cannot 
and will not accept.
We both deserve someone 
but it's not each other, 
I don't want to continue to duck and cover.
Each time you lied , the thorn dug deeper
which kept me in a painful stooper.
I now release you to be with yourself 
and my heavy thorn can be plucked. 
I wish you all the best of luck.
Written By-Claysong(C)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Battle Scarred Heart

A wounded and scarred heart slowly leaking
what life, love, dignity, and humanity I have left
in me is barely beating.

Deeply pierced by scattered shrapnel
from life's challenges and wars is its injury.
A heart can only take so much pain and pressure,
sorrow and suffering, guilt and grief before it bursts.

I am seeking to remove the shrapnel and recover
from a life of negativity and old shame. Trapped
by my own criticizing and sometimes paralyzed
by my fear of disappointing those I love and
those who I thought loved me.

It's going to take the rest of my life to recouperate
and slowly take the pieces out one by one. To bravely
bury them where they belong; in the past.

I am learning to live and forgive, to love and hug,
to cope and hope; but most of all to move onward
and upward.

Realizing there will be a few battles won quickly,
and some moderately but never forgetting the ones
I've won thus far.

For no matter how much shrapnel you remove
from any heart, there will always be scars.

Written By,

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Trapped and caged by a prison
of my own afflictions am I.
Lost and estranged in a loveless,
unappreciated, unsupportive, hypocritical

As I reach out for someone, anyone
to hear my plea, all I hear is," Here,
this is for you, now go away."

No quality time, no true acceptance
or respect, and no true love from anyone.
A family built upon secrets and lies, all
that matters is what people see and perceive.

I am my own key to freedom,
yet when given the opportunity I back
away and hide like a beaten child from
its abuser.

Cold-hearted and unresponsive to everyone
except those I choose to allow into my world.
Gone are the days and ways for the chance
to shape and use maternal instincts.

In the blink of an eye, the natural yearning
to want to love was stripped from me.
Plucked and thrown away like the thorn
from a stemmed rose.

All my life my journey has been one big search
party; for love, acceptance, a sense of belonging,
and most of all who I am.

I sense my journey is an endless one,
for my fear paralyzes me from moving
forward and letting go.

I pray one day I can find what I'm seeking;
to find the strength to use my key and free myself.

Written By,