Thursday, November 7, 2013

Peeling the Layers

Trying to shed our old selves to become new, we chisel away
 layers of our past unstable inner selves.

As we begin, it leaves us scraped, cut, and bruised. Not knowing
where to turn next, we become trapped by nothingness striving
to pass the world's tests.

Constantly seeking treasure that's seemingly unfindable, sparkling
in the distance, the jewel teases like a nasty disease. Once you
find it, you can't grab it.

Drifting between real life and a video game, we go through life
collecting points. Immortality and goods we scramble to buy.

Characters become reality when people get addictive and vindictive.
Looking from within, you realize your friends are not who you once knew.

Revealing the layers, they are raw and conspicious, sometimes
you have to take life by the corner; peeling problems one at a time.

Life can be cruel sometimes, but we have to learn to pick our battles.

When we have fought the fight, somehow the overall lesson ends up
being positives nobody expected.

May you find the strength within you to step forward
and start peeling your layers.

Written By,
Claysong (C)

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