Thursday, June 30, 2016

HOPE(Opposing poem to FEAR)

I am Hope.

I am the inspiration that lingers in hearts throughout life.
Unseen to the naked eye, but through the windows of the soul.

I am sister to Love, cousin to Courage, and daughter to Faith.
The spark that creates motivation and prevents the enemy from
dousing ambitions.

Rising from adversity is my path plan to all. Dreams being inspired
and achieved with moving forward to put Fear, Despair, Doubt,
and Worry to rest. I have been around for centuries, whether
I am needed or not I am near by.Whenever you need a pick-me-up,
I can remind you of your accomplishments of any size.

I am not biased or discriminatory of anyone who seeks or needs me.
I do not belong to just one. I listen with an open mind to all
situations, am near for support in any decision that's made, I give
strength where one is weary and confidence where there is low-self

I am constant where Fear comes and goes.
Here is my wish for you, that each day you strive to become open
to more positivity with things amidst struggles. Find the good in
others and build them up as others have built you up for success in life.

Yours Truly,


Written By,
Deborah Forbes
June 23, 2016