Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fuel to My Fire

Something deep within me is the 
fuel to my fire of my motivation 
and in life. When you lose it, it is 
like losing your mojo to hide 
behind a mask and everybody knows 
your pain. 

No matter how much you smile and 
laugh, they can see right through you
like they are looking into a glass house. 

That feeling will make you want to catch
the first train. Seems all you want to do is 
either continuously stand in the rain so people
can't tell when your crying; or you bottle it all
up and just simmer and then one day your 
pressure cooker bursts. 

Then one day you say, " Lord! Please help me, 
I can't take on these worldly hurts!" Please, 
I don't want anymore tests! I know I've passed 
alot and some I thought I never could or even 
But, I only made it because of you. Lord! I need 
your love to fuel my fire. Don't you know I'm 
always tired? I need you and those you place in
my life to help me see beyond my own face. 

I need your help to run this worldly race and I need 
lots of your Grace. 

Written By, 
Claysong Harris (C)

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