Friday, April 15, 2011

Mama's Lil' Man

Lil' man is always what you'll be called because
your mama's most precious one of all. As I wonder
and worry from day to day, although I shouldn't, I
know that your okay.

While I've been gone to fight the war of the worlds,
you've grown to be a lil' man, what I've always wanted
you to be. When the years pass down in history, you'll
learn that Mama was there to fight for your health and

Soon, mama will be home to hold and hug you and never
 let you go again. I shall do whatever it takes to give you
what you need and more if I can. My lil' man, mama loves
you with all her might; I hope our relationship will always be
tight. For you will always be...Mama's Lil' Man.

Written By
Claysong Harris,(C)
(Written while I was in Desert Storm I)


Piper Bayard said...

Sounds incredibly painful to leave your child to go to war. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Choctawwoman said...

Yes it was. Especially when he was 7 weeks old when I left. Now, he is 20!Thank you for saying "Thank You" Most people forget the first Desert Storm Veterans.