Friday, March 14, 2008


(This came out like a song) 

VS I -
Comein' up from where I've been,
soakin' up things from now and then. 
Times come and go like playin'a game,
no matter what Jesus is always the same. 


I'm like a fish outta water, graspin' for air; 
feelin' the sun on my skin, Jesus refreshes me
from within. Like the spring that flows, so does 
the peace he brings and it makes me sing! 

 Spreadin' myself thin for everyone but me, 
it's takin' a toll but no one can see. Lord help 
me please! As he guides me along my way, 
I am grateful for his loving grace. 
When I tend to feel alone, I think of Jesus
on his throne and ...(Back to Chorus) 

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Anonymous said...

You ROCK Darlin.