Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I am caught within loves whirlwind as it
often makes me feel like a kid again. 
Absorbed by an extravagance of acclamation.

Craving and yearning for a natural high that
will never end as I leave lost loves in the wind. 
Embracing a lovers touch, I feel a unfeigned bliss
that billows through every inch of my very existence. 

Compelled to breakthrough the boundaries of the old
me that once was bruised and shattered from another. 
No longer shall I brood upon that calamity. Coerced by
cupids arrow, I feel like I'm being drawn into a whirlwind 
that effortlessly brings out the inner desires of my heart and
mind. Sustaining what GOD always wanted us to have, a life
full of love that will never be doubtful,disrespectful, dismal, or

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