Thursday, June 9, 2011

He's my Rock!

I wake-up in the morning and think
of what I can be, God talks to me
and opens my eyes so I can see.

I go through the day and as the 
devil he tries to prove that I am
weak in the knees, I stand up to
him and say,"I am his and his
alone you see! You just leave me

He's my rock, He's my rock and 
salvation and he will always be.
Nothing am I without him as he 
hears my pleas. He gives me love
and encouragement that you can
see from miles away.

His love is pure that's for sure, I 
know he'll never leave or forsake
me. When I lay my weary head to 
sleep, as I pray for my soul for him
to keep. I feel his grace surround me
and for once I can sleep in peace.

For I know that he loves me and He's
my rock, my rock and salvation and 
he always will be!  

For I am nothing without him as he 
leads the way. As he should because
he had already paid the way. For this
I should celebrate more than just one
day. My life he has changed me for the
better and there's nothing that can be 
any greater.

Because he's my Rock, my Rock and 
salvation and he always will be!

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