Sunday, June 26, 2011

Letter from God # 11

For you my children, do not have to be great
preachers or ministers to bring forth a man,
woman or child to be saved and a follower
of me.

Do as I say, encourage one another, spread
the good news of my acceptance, forgiveness,
compassion, and love.

For when they believe, confess with their own
tongues that I have died for ALL and have
risen to defeat death; that they become a
servant and child of mine.

Take them under your wings and remind
them that I will be with them always. They
will see me through you.

Let them know that when they fall,
I will be there to catch them. Together
you will make a great team on my behalf.
Don't be shy or ashamed because I love
you no matter what.

Love Always,

written By,
Claysong (C)

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