Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hearts Symphony

True love, the ultimate gift of one lonely heart beating while waiting
 for its soul mate to answer back by completing the song within.

Each of us has a Heart's Symphony that needs to be written,
but it can only be done when we are complete.

You will know when your symphony is finished when your heart
beats for that special someone the way it never beats for anyone else.
When its more than just in the heat of the moment.

Those feelings of knowing you would be lost or lonely without each other.
When the other person accepts you; faults, scars, and all and still brings
out the best in you. The one who can calm your fears and catch your
tears through the years and not hold them against you.

It's amazing when you go from a small song to a full Symphony.
Treasure it because true love is precious and priceless.

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