Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dead Giveaway

No matter how hard we try to suppress
the shy, timid, lonely, or depressed 
child, he or she gets trapped inside our 
optimistic adult selves. Like two quarrelsome friends, 
our hearts and minds struggle to stay neutral.

Acting as if nothing is wrong,
our inner selves burst out while
we are trying to just go with the flow
and be seen and not heard.
Obviously the nervousness becomes
dead giveaways to everyone but us.

Receding from the world, 
we hide within ourselves trying to 
lock out pain and disappointment. 
Not only from others, but from ourselves. 

Carefully we guard our words and actions;
but there is nothing we can do about
our feelings. Instant downers as they
become dead giveaways and can't be swayed. 

Desperately we attempt to let the
happy-go-lucky, worry 'bout nothin'
child out and have fun. Then life happens 
and snaps us back to reality and we have to keep
our sanity.

Reaching out for what we once had
but will never again: no time limits,
no curfews, or no interest about what's 
in the news.

When gravity pulls us back down
to Earth, it's a shame what we hide
from others, but especially from ourselves.
It's a dead giveaway.

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