Sunday, April 15, 2012

PTSD's Reflection

Forever trapped to wear one mask 
for the day and another for the night. 
Feeling like my life is a non-stop bullfight.

Lost in the sight of my own self,
I'm caught between putting on 
a smile and saying, "I'm fine."
Meanwhile, inside I'm falling
faster than sand in a timer,
desperately wanting to scream,
"I don't want to be confined anymore!"

Traveling within the walls of my mind,
I slide ever so slowly between my night-
mares and reality. Sometimes not knowing 
which is which is confusing.

These feelings keep me from being able
to determine whether I am angry or batty,
so I come off to others as a bully.

There are days on end that I will pull
all nighters or wake up every two hours
at a time. I would hide myself from the
world as if I had committed a crime.

Living with PTSD and Bi-polar disorder
leaves you feeling like a high functioning
mentally challenged ticking time bomb.
One that can crumble in a second like

With help, love, and a good support system,
we can blend into society and you would
never know. 

To get respect, you have to give it. 
You must remember, you never know
what a person has been through.

The very freedom we all have, is because
of those who have fought for this country.
Don't be a hinder but a helper.

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Diana said...

Thank you for sharing. So beautiful and yet so sad.