Saturday, May 7, 2011

God's Mold

God broke the mold on us all when we were made.
His love to us all he gave. For each of us are special
in our own little ways. For in his heart do we stay,
even if we leave for just one day.

He forgives us and pours on his love and graces
all we have to do is sing his praises. This is what
he said, "I gave you a heart of gold, for when I
made you, I broke the mold. Don't let your life
be full of shame, because when creating you,
to me it was never a game. I gave you a wonderful
brain. within your life you will come upon sorrow
and pain. Remember me in all you come across;
for my love for you was shown on the cross."

Written By,
Claysong (C)

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