Friday, May 13, 2011

Christian Quotes

Christianity isn't a seasonal thing,
it's a lifetime commitment
To fit it, one doesn't have to compromise
his/her integrity
when God's people unite, we are strong
and mighty, we have proved it before
and still are.
A good relationship is 50% give
and 50% compromise on both ends
of the candle
In times of Peril, the one set
of footprints you see, is when
he carried you
Being needy isn't a sin,
but when your need becomes
a greed, it can do you in
If God can accept us without a hesitation,
why can't we do the same for him?
We are the clay and God is our sculptor
He will always mold us, if we let him
When the mind begins to ease up and feel peace
so will your heart
Life can be like a 1,000 piece puzzle,
Overwhelming. With Jesus as your
helper, it can be easier
When I plugged my life into Jesus,
my life was restored!

Written By,
Claysong (C)

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