Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's S.A.D.

Sleepiness and awakenness combined
with the feeling of broken is what I am.

Time keeps getting darker earlier,
not knowing what day it is or
whether it's five a.m or p.m.

Too tired to sleep, too tired to think.
Too tired to create, too tired to stay
awake. Too tired to remember to
eat and drink, too tired to do the normal

Everything forgotten because of a constant stage
of exhaustion. Mentally, physically, and sometimes
Spiritually drained becomes my normal pace.

Every Fall and Winter it fluctuates,
but sometimes it's worse than before.
With every day of hard rainfall or
extreme cold weather, I find myself
gravitating to my room and bed to isolate
and hibernate until Summer.

Plagued by a body that's practically
run down all over, it screams for an
overhaul. With no action taken,
my body goes on strike.

Too much pain to lay still too long,
too much pain to move to try and get
comfortable. In spite of it all, there's
no energy to do anything else but lay there.

Getting a good nights sleep between
nightmares, weird dreams, and a mind
that won't slow down to let me relax and
sleep, is like finding a needle in a haystack.
It takes forever.

This is more than depression, or a funk,
it's Winter blues, It's S.A.D~Seasonal
Affective Disorder. It feels like it sucks
the life out of you until the seasons change
and come full circle.

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