Monday, December 17, 2012

Overflowing Pots

     Every decision we make in life whether big or small,
 will always have either a positive or negative affect on us
and others around us.

    Without meaning to, many of us tend to hold onto
negative words and actions in what seems like bottomless pots.

Many of our pots are overflowing with things from our past
that effect the present. If we aren't careful and don't maintain
them, they can spill into the future.

In order for me to move on and up in my life, I need to learn
how to take one problem at a time, deal with it then let it go.

As I slowly do this, each time I pour out either my own mistake
or something hurtful from someone else, it releases pressure.

Someday I want to write all my painful memories on balloons
and release them one by one. With that, I can forget them and
start to empty my pots.

I really wish getting rid of and forgetting painful memories were
as simple as letting balloons float away.

For me, it would take a million or more balloons just to pour
out one pot. There's not enough money or balloons in the world
to empty all my pots.

Every pot is a part of me. Some of those things in my pot have
either helped me to be who I am, or held me back from being
who I want to be.

Emptying a pot is very hard. With help, over time it can be done.
Every time I empty a pot, it blends me into being who I want
to be and turns me into who I am.

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