Thursday, December 27, 2012

Crumbled Rock

Ever thought you were strong enough to bear
not only your problems but those of the ones
you love and care about?

Every day I wake, I pray for strength
to keep myself from falling apart
over a minute thing. Desperately wishing
for the day that nothing bothered me,
especially if it was something I couldn't

Mountains made from molehills
in a split second. A comment,
an assumption from the lack
of details, or a reaction that
wasn't expected, is where it begins.

It is easy to get sucked up, chewed up,
and spit out by the somewhat childish
drama people play. Plagued by boredom
and or they just don't care is their motto.

Often people try to ignore the hurtful
things others say and do by defining
themselves as a strong willow tree,
no matter how much the wind blows
and bends them they never break.

If not the tree, we become someone's rock.
The solid rock on which everyone stands,
or the rock of ages full of wisdom and strength.

What people don't realize, is while we
are other people's rocks, we need someone
too. For within us, there is a raging war
to keep our strength, ravishing our hearts
and minds while the world and our loved ones
see a poker face as we try to hide our own troubles.

Being someone's rock is a privilege but hard thing
because they trust you with their life. They love and
respect you enough to think about what they do
because of how it might affect you.
On the other hand, they believe you don't have
the right to crumble.

No matter how strong and solid you think
a rock is, over time even the strongest rocks crumble
from too much stress.

There is only one solid rock that everyone
can stand and lean on through the ages
that will never crumble, it definitely isn't me.

Easy to see and try to fix the problems of another.
but blind or in denial of our own needs.
I can no longer be anyone's rock they need.

Pebbles of strength and wisdom for everyone
but myself becomes the norm. Others may see me
as solid or strong, but to me I'm just an old crumbled

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