Monday, December 17, 2012

Women are Veterans Too!

     Being a veteran is no respecter of age or gender.
Young or old we all played a role; still we had to be bold.

As we signed our contracts, we knew our souls were
being sold. We took jobs that were said only men
could hold, but our stories must be told.

                    Women are Veterans Too!

 Many times we are put aside, in certain situations
we are forced to hide. Even though we all aren't taken,
the title of Veteran is mistaken.

When out of uniform and identification is required,
people tend to lean toward men. Sometimes when
women give their military identification, we get a puzzled
or surprised look as if they are saying, "There is no way a
woman can be a veteran."

It is always a stairway for us to climb, no matter what
job or rank we hold. In order for us to get the support
and respect we need, we need equality in every aspect of life.

The absence of the public eye, society's belief constitutes
a lie. Women have to prove they are competent while men
must prove to be incompetent.

Often hidden from recognition, we are forced to be in submission.
They keep us right on the line where our loyalty seems lost
in time.

For we are never ashamed for the service for our Country;
what we want is proportional Equity.

Unified we work side by side, accomplishments accepted
with humbled pride.

We remain united in our goals of keeping a free democracy.
Saving others and ourselves from tyranny and hypocrisy.

                           Women Are Veterans Too!

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