Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cola Vs. Cola-Story

                                   Cola Vs Cola

     Rising from the soft blue recliner, Mrs. Cola was callous
and thoughtless. She's the type of woman that wouldn't shed
a tear if she ran over the neighbor girl's dog. "Why's the dog out?
It's your fault it's hurt!" she was a tall, slender thirty year old
housewife that loved movies so much that whatever she watched
in the theater she bought. Everywhere she went you'd see her in
her favorite blue jeans and tinkerbell sweatshirt. Her skin was olive
drab with short and curly hair. Nothing glowed about her except the
cigarette that was always lit between her fingers. She gave off the
smell of weed and cocoa-cola anytime she'd walk by. He loved her
anyway, his friends wondered what he saw in her.

  Walking into the kitchen for a root beer and a sandwich, he
was a stocky good hearted baseball loving thirty-five year old
Chef. He looked like a dark brown teddy bear with a goatee
and short black hair. He was dressed in his usual day off clothes-
black shorts, gray short sleeved T-shirt with a dragon on the front
and a black baseball hat. Mrs. Cola made a snide remark about his
friends being around a lot so he shook his head, rolled his eyes and
thought, "Now I know she didn't just say that!" He knew his wife was
a bit harsh and in some cases seemed to take a advantage of people,
but he never noticed it until Saturday night.

    When Mr.Cola got paid that night he went home, lovingly kissed his
wife and said, "Here honey, for you." He opened his wallet, "Here's a
hundred dollars for anything you need or want." It was a stormy night
and before he went to bed, out of habit he counted the money in his
wallet. When he awoke Sunday morning, she was ready for church but
hadn't left yet. Fifteen minutes after waking up, he decided to quickly flip
through his wallet, "Honey, where's my money?" while walking into the kitchen.

"What money, what're you talking about?" She asked while she headed to
the coffee pot. He threw the wallet down,"Give me my money back!"
He closed his eyes, clinched his teeth and fists "I already gave you money!"
 "I didn't take your money!" With her hands stretched out "You can check my
 purse!" As he picked up her big blue purse, he figured that was way too easy so
down went the purse onto the floor.

    He picked up her cigarettes, and behold there behind the foil within the pack,
was not only the one hundred dollars that he gave her but the extra one hundred
dollars that was missing. Mr. Cola finally had enough and the fight was on -"You're as two faced
as a crooked politician you know!"
 "Yep and proud of it too"
"You know the crooked man from the nursery rhyme?"
"He ain't got nothin' on you!" Normally he would walk away from an argument
but, but this one he couldn't resist. He took back all the money from her and huffed
away. He shook his head and thought if she would steal from him like that, she
would steal from her own mama if she got the chance.

      Monday evening when he returned home, he packed his belongings
and decided to leave her for good. He had found out that whenever money
went missing, she was seeing her ex-husband behind his back.

   Even though she had cheated for months, she really did love him despite how
she acted. She apologized with tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry I cheated, I'm sorry
I took the money!" She plopped in the chair trying not to cry. She never apologized
to anybody for anything she said or did, but he had never gone off on her like that
before. When he entered the front room, she lunged towards him to try and catch 
an arm or a leg, "Please don't leave me,I need you!"

    He shook his head, shoved her way with no remorse "I loved you, you cheated me,
I hated you, you pleaded me, I left you and you freed me." He walked out the door 
and slammed it behind him. She was shocked and stood there with her mouth 
open but no sound came out.

   She fell to the floor, hands covering her face and cried hard rocking in the fetal
position. This was the first time that she was going to be alone and without a man
in her life. Mr. Cola had filed for divorce, after it was settled and final, he thought
they would never see or hear from each other again. Eighteen years later Ms. Cola
ran into Mr. Cola at an old friend's place. It was strange, for when they were married,
he never stood up to her or corrected her when she spoke or treated someone badly.
It was the money and the cheating that had broken the already thin string they were
hanging on.

"Oh my goodness it is good to see you" she twitched with joy and her flung arms
around his neck. He stood there staring at her, sighed and didn't return the excitement.
"I see you lost weight, your skinnier. How's Stephanie?" He emerged from under her
arms,stretched his neck and turned his head to look for an exit.

   "I have to tell you that I miss you, I haven't been with anybody else" Ms. Cola humbly
tipped her head and sat in a chair.
"I can't go back to you, I'm remarried now; but I forgive you."  He played with the ring
on his hand.
 "I hope you're truly happy, you deserve it" she walked out the door and wiped her teary

                                                                   The End

Written By,
Claysong (C)


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John Ross said...

This is good. It made me uncomfortable. That means it must have rung true.

Thanks for posting this.