Saturday, May 28, 2011

Letter from God #4

Dear Child,

I heard you praying the other day
for something. I thought about it
and the answer is no. I believed
it wouldn't benefit you at the moment
in your life.

I know you feel that you really need it
but know this, I have something better
in mind for you. Remember, if I close
one door, I'll open another and do
believe it's true.

Just because I say "no", it doesn't
mean I don't care. You'll come to
find out that some of my greatest
gifts will be in unanswered prayers.

There are certain treasures you just
don't need but there are priceless ones
you need to help you be complete.
Love, wisdom, faithfulness, family, oh!
don't forget about me.

Those are a few to name, for I know
life at times can be like a chess game.
No matter what I am always with you.
I love You!

Love Always,

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Keidy said...


I just wanted to let you know that this poem is beautifully written. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why God will not answer certain prayers, but that’s why He is God. He knows what’s best for us and everything works out for the good of us.