Friday, May 13, 2011

Christian Haiku's

Each Day-

We live love and cry
then we place upon our mask
Keeping feelings safe

To Breathe-

With each breath we take
and with each teardrop that falls
God catches them all

Absorbing Christs' love
gives us strength to discern things
disciples of him are we
His pure love is free
in his arms, us does he keep
wrapped in peace we sleep
Outstretched nailed wrists
bent head with crown, crossed nailed legs
He died but now he lives!

Written By,
Claysong (C)


Sean Vessey said...

I enjoy haiku s. Thank you sharing yours.

Choctawwoman said...

Your welcome, I am still learning to write them. Thanks for taking the time to read them.

moondustwriter said...

I like your haikus they are great my dear